Our operations over the years have grown to incorporate surplus-food collection from hypermarkets, wet markets, hotels and bakeries, which is distributed to those in-need.

Donated dry food provisions are stored at our Food Bank premises and distributed before their expiry dates.

We also teach single mothers and at-risk mothers skillsets, enabling them to earn money and provide for their families.


KSK is led by a dedicated team of people who are passionate in serving the poor and homeless.

The KSK committee and staff have expanded the society's services to food bank and empowerment programmes over the years, taking it from merely a soup kitchen back in 2008 to now having operations nationwide.


Our work is made possible with the incredible support we receive from our corporate partners. By joining forces, we are able to sustain our efforts for the betterment of communities nationwide.


At the core, Kechara Soup Kitchen's brand defines our identity and public image. These guidelines provide standards for communication and the use of visual brand assets.

It is vital for any NGO to be sustainable in order to continue its work and commitment to the communities it serves.