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Since 2020, Kechara Food Bank has registered an additional 2,000 families. The pandemic has affected all Malaysians, but some much more than others. 8.4% of Malaysians became categorised as being in absolute poverty, and 580,000 families slipped into the B40 group, due to losses in monthly income as a result of the pandemic. 

With a sudden increase in families struggling to meet basic food needs, Kechara Food Bank has never been more strained.

Even with shops re-opening, and the economy restarting, price of goods have since increased. Alongside with a lack of income, the dependence on the food bank is now a matter of having food on the table, or simply going without.

Part of the 2000 newly registered families, are these families who are in urgent need of your help. They have kindly allowed for their images and stories to be shared in hopes that kind Malaysians will lend a hand.

We are inviting kind Malaysians to support by donating RM150 per family for three months. KSK will purchase the items on your behalf. 

To read more about their stories, please click on any of the images. Please add #FeedAFamily in your transaction reference for our easy tracking and WhatsApp 010-333 3260 for tax-exemption receipt.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Click to support feed a family like the ones you seen below.