• Case 6


Mek Jah Binti Haron

Living area:

Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur

Brief description:

An 81 years old widow without much support from the family. She has been living alone for a long time after her son and daughter moved out to live with their own families. Her son works as a lorry driver with minimal salary while her daughter is a housewife and is dependent on her husband for financial support. Both of her children are unable to help much as they are also struggling financially. She suffers from high blood pressure and she depends on free medication from a nearby government clinic. She receives financial aid from Baitulmal to support her cost of living as she is unfit to work due to her old age.

Medical background:

Mek Jah suffers from high blood pressure.

Household income:


First distribution

Second distribution

Third distribution