A not-for-profit and NGO established in 2008 that provides food, basic medical services and welfare assistance to the homeless and urban poor regardless of race and creed. Our non-discriminatory attitude also extends to our volunteers who come from all walks of life, motivated by the common goal of helping others. We work towards reducing homelessness by reuniting the homeless with their family, getting their lost documents replaced, rehoming and finding them jobs.

From distributing food to the homeless, we have grown to collect surplus food from hypermarkets, wet markets, hotels, bakeries, etc. These are given to the urban poor and to other charitable organisations instead of landing in the dumps. Donated dry provisions are stored in our food bank premises and distributed to the poor before the product expiry date.

Many in our society do not have social protection or a safety net to protect them when difficult situations arise. These vulnerable people which include single mothers and at-risk individuals are taught skillsets, enabling them to earn money and provide for their families. Through such training, they also gain the confidence needed to improve the quality of their lives.

Through our various programmes, our volunteers try to get to know the beneficiaries better whilst helping them with their basic needs. Be it food, basic medical services, welfare aid, rehoming, skillset-training, replacing lost documents or someone to talk to, Kechara Soup Kitchen endeavours to fulfill all requests.